Training has evolved over the years to a combination of “high-tech” on-demand resources such as videos and webinars and the “high-touch” never-out-of-style personal seminars. We offer both.
We are currently developing a series of property management and compliance videos that will be available to our clients. Check back on this web site for our soon to be announced list of resources.
We are also available for customized training needs for your staff. We work with our clients to determine what the needs are and then develop a program to meet those needs.
In all of our training our emphasis is on combining auditory, visual and kinetic (hands-on) methods. Not everyone learns the same way so research shows that the most effective trainings are those that can combine all three methods.
In addition, we don’t just present and leave. We make ourselves available beyond any initial training services whether online or in person.Our  training programs include topics such as:

• Property management policies and procedures
• Section 42 Low-income housing tax credit compliance
• Hiring techniques for non-human resource Managers
• Procurement and contract oversight
• Financial knowledge
• Budget preparation

Contact us when you are ready to move your organization forward of just want to explore ideas.