We offer a wide array of customized consulting services that can be tailored to a property, a portfolio or an organization. Examples include but are certainly not limited to:

Asset Management – Do you need an owner’s representative who truly understands how properties operate and can work to direct property resources to maximize financial return, such as refinancing evaluations or personnel needs assessments? Our proprietary asset management executive report will instantly give your property’s financial health and where any potential risks lie.
Property Performance Review – Do you operate a property that is under-performing and not sure why? Or do you know why but are unsure what strategies would work best to correct the underlying issues?

Portfolio Performance Review – Do you need to assess your total portfolio? Do you need policies and procedures that are effective and can be implemented “across the board”?

Property Acquisition Due Diligence – Are you uncertain if a property you are considering purchasing makes market sense? We can perform pre-purchase property analysis to help you determine if you should proceed. We not only can look at long-term property viability but we have also served as a buyer-broker for clients over the years and know how to negotiate on your behalf to get the best deal possible.

Contact us when you are ready to move your organization forward of just want to explore ideas.