Prism Property Solutions, LLC was formed by Paul Malinowski as a means of dispersing his knowledge of property management and real estate industries through forty years of continuous service in both. Paul has over thirty-five years of property management and government program administration experience, including having managed properties for public, non-profit and for-profit entities as well as performed government contracting for several programs. He has a unique understanding of the mission and requirements of public and private entities that are trying to accomplish a mission while achieving a strong financial position.

Paul received his BA degree in Government from Beloit (WI) College and his MS in Urban Affairs from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The classroom emphasis in city planning enabled him to gain employment with the City of Green Bay (WI) Planning Department. While employed there, he was assigned to learn and administer a new HUD program called Community Development Block Grant (yes, that CDBG program that is still in existence!). He set up the City’s first housing rehab program and several other programs using the CDBG funds.

In 1977 Paul became the first Executive Director of the Grand Junction (CO) Housing Authority, where he served in that position for ten years. He managed public housing and project-based Section 8 properties as well as administered Section 8 Certificates and Vouchers. He developed three multi-family properties while there also.

From 1986 to 1988, Paul was a Property Manager for First Columbia Management, Inc. in Seattle, Washington, where he oversaw the management of HUD-subsidized, Farm Home and conventional apartments in a three-state area. First Columbia was a third-party management company so this exposed Paul to the differences in expectations of third-party clients as opposed to the concept of agency self-management.

From 1988 to 1997, Paul was Executive Director of the Englewood (CO) Housing Authority where he oversaw the management of project-based Section 8 properties as well as public housing. In addition, he was responsible for the administration of Section 8 Certificates and Vouchers (which eventually all became vouchers) as well as several community development programs including Project BUILD, the City of Englewood’s award-winning self-funded real estate program that purchased underutilized properties for infill development.

From 1997 to 2000, Paul was Executive Vice President of Rocky Mountain HDC, Inc., a faith-based non-profit organization, based in Denver. It was there that he managed his first Section 42 Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) property, Foothills Green. That property was owned by a partnership that included Rocky Mountain HDC, Inc. During that time, Paul and the organization were asked by several non-profit organizations to manage their properties, also all Section 42 properties. Thus, Paul further learned that an important part of third-party management is ascertaining the specific goals of the client as well as how to communicate with someone not located in your office. In addition, he purchased property for future development of a 60-unit tax credit development.

In 2000, Paul founded Pillar Property Services, LLC a private property management company specializing in the management of multifamily and special needs housing. Indeed, the management of those types of housing for non-profit organizations, government agencies and private developers became the specialty of Pillar. At the time that Paul sold Pillar in late 2014, he managed over 50 properties and 2,000 units. The portfolio included Section 42 Low-Income Housing Tax Credit properties, HUD-assisted Section 8 properties and other types of government-restricted apartment communities as well as some commercial uses. Pillar gained a solid reputation in the industry for its ability to not only administer day-to-day operations but also became recognized as a Section 42 tax credit compliance expert.

Paul obtained his Colorado real estate sales license in 1981 and then his Colorado real estate broker’s license in 1983. In addition to utilizing the license to manager third-party properties as required by Colorado law, he also brokered the purchase of several apartment buildings for his clients.

Also, Paul achieved the industry-recognized CPM ® designation (Certified Property Manager) from IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) in 1985, which he has continuously held since then. He takes continuing education classes every year to keep on top of changes in the industry.

Paul also is recognized for his unique understanding of how property expenses are used in evaluating a property’s performance. His article, At Your Expense, was published in the Journal of Property Management in 2010. He also has been a guest lecturer at Rodger Hara’s popular real estate development class for the last five years, focusing on how to develop an effective operating proforma. He also has taught various classes in property management the last couple years for the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA).

In sum, you can probably see from the extensive experience of Paul why he is poised to offer a wide array of services for your property or organization.